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Mrs. Chanie Hertzel
Tel: 718.713.3080
Email: principal@jewishonlineschool.com


Mrs. Menucha Lepkivker

Tel:  718.713.3080
Email: office@jewishonlineschool.com


Office and Outreach:

Ms. Bracha Naparstek

Tel:  718.713.3080
Email: office@jewishonlineschool.com

Curriculum and Programming:

Mrs. Mushkie Lipskier
Tel:  718.713.3080
Email: mlipsker@jewishonlineschool.com

Development Director:
Bar Mitzvah Lessons:

Rabbi Yossi Goodman

Tel: 732-470-5646
Email: ygoodman@JewishOnlineSchool.com 

Technical Support:

Tel: 718 705-4475
Email: techsupport@JewishOnlineSchool.com
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816 Eastern Pkwy
Brooklyn NY 11213


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