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A shluchah faces many different challenges "out in the field" as she attempts to balance shlichus work, housework and child rearing.  And while each person's situation and skills are unique, there is a tremendous amount of joint experience available in the global pool of shluchos.

The Shluchos Division established the Shluchos Network to tap into this combined experience.  At any point of day or night, a shluchah can post a question to the e-mail newsgroup and receive an answer within a few short hours - or simply browse through the forum archives of past discussions to find answers there.

After the success of the Shluchos Network, a second e-mail newsgroup was established for girls assisting on shlichus.

Shluchos Network
Aproximately 1000 Shluchos worldwide are already participants in our constantly expanding e-mail newsgroup.
Shlichus Prep for Girls
Offering a support system for young women assisting on Shlichus.
Guidelines and Tips
For everything about the Shluchos Network forums.
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