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Shluchim Services

The Shluchim Services department moves above and beyond the everyday products and services that The Shluchim Office brings to a shliach's door.
Shluchim Center
The Shluchim Center is the home-away-from-home and office-away-from-Chabad-House for Shluchim who travel to Crown Heights.
Shluchim Lounge
Designed to provide Shluchim visiting Crown Heights with a home away from home to network, work, or relax.
Shluchim House @ The Ohel
Accommodation for shluchim visiting the Rebbe's Ohel.
Chabad Visitors Services
Taking Shluchim and their Baalei Batim on inspirational visits to the Ohel and Crown Heights.
Savings Program
The Shluchim Savings Program provides corporate discounts for many of your important purchases.
Fax & E-mail Service
A large database of Shluchim throughout the world, including fax and e-mail, available for bulk mail.
Print House Judaica Engraving
Shluchim Store Insure Car/Home

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